Welcome to Makes Cents

Established in 1997, Makes Cents Leasing and Wholesale Ltd began as a wholesale outlet for Lower mainland dealerships to both sell to, and buy vehicles from. After establishing a network of dealership partners throughout British Columbia, Makes Cents extended its reach, finding strategic partners across Canada, as well as the United States.

Fast forward to early 2011, with more and more retail customers coming by, Makes Cents felt it was finally time to open a retail location. The search for the ideal retail space had begun. Having strong ties to the Kitsalano neighborhood that housed the warehouse storage space that is still being used today, the area selection was easy.
Many retail spaces were screened, finally selecting the current location at 1648 West 6th Ave. Extensive renovations to give the store a more modern, and crisp feel began, and we proudly opened the doors at the beginning of July 2011.