Detail Shop

No matter what shape your car is in, we have a detailing service that will fit your needs!

Quick Wash & Vacuum

Just something to get your car looking good in a hurry. Our detailers will hand wash the exterior of your car to remove any dirt and debris that may be there. Followed by a chamois dry, your car will be ready for a night out. We will then Vacuum out the interior, and empty all garbage and dirt out. -Starting at $25 for cars.
Paint Scuffs and Scrapes

From a wash and wax, to full paint correction we have what is needed to get your car looking showroom clean. Our staff have been detailing our vehicles for over 15 years, and they have all the skills, and tools to make your car look its best. We will start with a wash to clean off the car, and then determine the right course of action to get your car back to perfect. We will ensure that the exterior, and interior of your car looks as good, or often better than it was when you first bought it. The attention to detail is second to none. You will not be disappointed with this service. Included of this is also the in detail is that highly sought after new car smell! -Starting at $150 for cars
Detail Services

Have a small scuff or scratch on your bumper from an small parking lot accident? Don’t want to deal with big body shop headaches, or ICBC claims? No worries, we offer a bumper scuff repaint service. Colour matched and blended to your factory paint, you won’t even be able to tell there was something there! Minor paint issues only please! -Starting at $100 per scuff